Science / Psychiatry / Flashback: A recurrence of a memory, feeling, or perceptual experience from the past.


Life Style / Poetry / Analepsis: A flashback. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Flashforward: A disruption of the chronological presentation of events, in which an event from the future is presented in a program's present. See flashback. MORE

Ab Ovo

Entertainment / Literature / Ab Ovo: (Latin, 'from the egg') This phrase refers to a narrative that starts 'at the beginning' of the plot, and then moves chronologically through a sequence of events to the tale's conclusion. This pattern MORE

In Medias Res

Entertainment / Literature / In Medias Res: (latinin the middle[s] of things): The classical tradition of opening an epic not in the chronological point at which the sequence of events would start, but rather at the midway point of the story. L MORE

Narrative Narration

Entertainment / Literature / Narrative Narration: Narration is the act of telling a sequence of events, often in chronological order. Alternatively, the term refers to any story, whether in prose or verse, involving events, characters, and what the c MORE