Science / Psychiatry / Fragmentation: Separation into different parts, or preventing their integration, or detaching one or more parts from the rest. A fear of fragmentation of the personality, also known as disintegration anxiety, is often observed in patients whenever they are exposed to repetitions of earlier experiences that interfered with development of the self. This fear may be expressed as feelings of falling apart, as a loss of identity, or as a fear of impending loss of ones vitality and of psychological depletion.


Technology / Computers / Defragmentation: The process of rearranging disk sectors so files are stored on consecutive sectors in adjacent tracks. MORE

Fragmentation (Audience)

Technology / Television (TV) / Fragmentation (Audience): The increasing number of audience subdivisions which, together, constitute total TV usage. Television audiences are said to be fragmented, for example, across a broad spectrum of video sources: multip MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Litter: Accumulations of dead leaves in various states of fragmentation and decomposition MORE