Science / Psychiatry / Instinct: An inborn drive. The primary human instincts include self-preservation, sexuality, and according to some proponents the death instinct, of which aggression is one manifestation.

Other Words for Instinct

Instinct Adverb Synonyms: intuition, feel, feeling, empathy, sensitivity, tendency, propensity, leaning, bent, skill, talent, faculty, sixth sense, knack, predisposition, capacity, aptitude, subconscious


Business / Machine Shop / Fusion: The joining of base material, with or without filler material, by melting them together. MORE


Health / Massage / Do-In: This is a system of self-massage promoted most recently by Michio Kushi. More than five thousand years ago, Chinese Taoist monks observed it was instinctive for a person to touch or hold an injured or MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Libido: The psychic drive or energy usually associated with the sexual instinct. (Sexual is used here in the broad sense to include pleasure and love-object seeking.) MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Drive: Usually used to indicate the power of the ball as it hits the pin. It drove through the rack. MORE

Reflex Volley

Entertainment / Tennis / Reflex Volley: A volley in which the player has no time to plan the shot, and instead reacts instinctively to get the racket in position to return the ball. This occurs frequently in doubles and in advanced singles. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Id: unconscious part of the mental apparatus which is partly made up of inherited instincts and partly by acquired, but repressed components. MORE