Science / Psychiatry / Isolation: A defense mechanism operating unconsciously central to obsessive-compulsive phenomena in which the affect is detached from an idea and rendered unconscious, leaving the conscious idea colourless and emotionally neutral.

Geographic Isolation

Science / Biology / Geographic Isolation: Separation of populations of a species by geographic means (distance, mountains, rivers, oceans, etc.) that lead to reproductive isolation of those populations. MORE

Isolation Exercise

Health / Fitness / Isolation Exercise: Weight lifting exercise that stimulate just a single muscle group. Good for defining a muscle. MORE


Health / Massage / Watsu: Watsu, or aquatic shiatsu, began at Harbin Hot Springs where Harold Dull brought his knowledge of Zen shiatsu into a warm pool. Zen shiatsu incorporates stretches that release blockages along the meri MORE


Business / Finance / Paper: Money market instruments, commercial paper, and other. MORE

Intra-Textual Meaning

Entertainment / Literature / Intra-Textual Meaning: Meaning that originates not within a work itself, but that originates in a related work in the same collection. For instance, in William Blake's Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience, we find a poem MORE

Wooden Panels

Life Style / Painting / Wooden Panels: Up till the 15th century and the coming of canvas nearly all the portable paintings in Europe were executed on wooden panels. The Flemish and the French painters preferred oak, the Italians white popl MORE