La Belle Indifférence

Science / Psychiatry / La Belle Indifférence: Literally, beautiful indifference. Seen in certain patients with conversion disorders who show an inappropriate lack of concern about their disabilities. labile Rapidly shifting (as applied to emotions); unstable.

Other Words for Indifference

Indifference Noun Synonyms: unconcern, apathy, listlessness, disinterest, coolness, nonchalance, insouciance, aloofness, detachment, disregard, inattention, pococuranteism or pococurantism, coldness, phlegm, stolidity, callousness, insensibility, impassiveness, impassivity
Indifference Verb Synonyms: unimportance, insignificance, irrelevance, unconcern, inconsequence, triviality

Parallel Plate Intake

Science / Tides and Currents / Parallel Plate Intake: Intake of a stilling or protective well with two parallel plates attached below. The plates are typically three times the diameter of the well and are spaced three inches apart. The plates are used to MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Parellada: White-wine grape mainly grown in the Catalunya region of Spain. Suited to cool climates it produces low yields that contribute to making good balanced sparkling wines (ie: cavas) capable of some agein MORE

Parking Violation

Business / Finance / Parking Violation: Often used in risk arbitrage. Illegal holding of stock by a third party, or the financing of such a stock, in which the third party's sole reason for holding the stock is to conceal ownership or contr MORE

Partial Release Clause

Business / Real Estate / Partial Release Clause: A mortgage provision under which the mortgagee agrees to release certain parcels from the lien of the blanket mortgage upon payment of a certain sum of money by the mortgagor. The clause is frequently MORE

Parallax Reduction

Science / Tides and Currents / Parallax Reduction: A processing of observed high and low waters to obtain quantities depending upon changes in the distance of the Moon, such as perigean and apogean ranges. MORE

Parallax Inequality

Science / Tides and Currents / Parallax Inequality: The variation in the range of tide or in the speed of a tidal current due to changes in the distance of the Moon from the Earth. The range of tide and speed of the current tend alternately to increase MORE