Made Feelings

Science / Psychiatry / Made Feelings: delusional belief that ones free will has been removed and an external agency is controlling ones feelings

Other Words for Feelings

Feelings Noun Synonyms: emotions, sensitivity, sympathies, sensibilities, susceptibilities


Life Style / Wine / Maderized: Wine that has oxidized; has brown or amber color and stale odor. MORE

Madeleine Sylvaner

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Madeleine Sylvaner: Vinifera grape suitable for white-winemaking. Ripens early, with consequent susceptibility to attack by bunch rots, birds and wasps. Wine is aromatic and light, useful for blending with other intensel MORE

Madeleine Royale

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Madeleine Royale: Variety grown in France and mainly used as a tablegrape. Quite large bunches: the grapes are round, medium sized and pearly white in color when fully ripened around mid-August. Its main claim to fame MORE

Muscat Rouge De Madere

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Muscat Rouge De Madere: According to the Geilweilerhof database this variety has many synonym names including Busuioaca de Bohotin in Romania and Muscat Noir. Referenced as grown in Moldova, Romania. the pale pink/dark purpl MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Permadeath: A blend of 'permanent' and 'death.' The act of a player choosing to have his character be killed off for good, and not revived or respawned in any way. MORE

Well-Made Play

Entertainment / Literature / Well-Made Play: A form of French theater developed in the 1800s. Eugène Scribe and Victorien Sardou popularized it. The well-made play involves secrets and timely arrivals of surprise characters and sudden twists in MORE