Science / Psychiatry / Posturing: inappropriate or bizarre bodily posture adopted continuously over a sustained period

Reposturing Dynamics

Health / Massage / Reposturing Dynamics: Reposturing dynamics is a system of stretches and massage techniques designed to restore balance and flexibility to the body. Reposturing dynamics is participatory, with lots of breathing and many str MORE

Catatonic Behaviour

Science / Psychiatry / Catatonic Behaviour: Marked motor abnormalities including motor immobility (i.e., catalepsy or stupor), certain types of excessive motor activity (apparently purposeless agitation not influenced by external stimuli), extr MORE

Catatonic Schizophrenia

Science / Psychiatry / Catatonic Schizophrenia: (kat-a-ton-ik skiz-o-fre-ne-ah) Schizophrenia characterized by marked disturbance which may involve stupor, negativism, rigidity, excitement, or posturing. MORE