Science / Psychiatry / Psychosis: Any major mental disorder that involves change of personality and loss of contact with reality. This usually includes delusions and/or hallucinations.

Induced Psychosis

Science / Psychiatry / Induced Psychosis: delusional disorder shared by two or more people who are closely related emotionally. One has a real psychosis whilst symptoms are induced in the other. Separation results in symptomatic improvement i MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Mania: (mane-e-ah) An emotional disorder characterized by euphoria or irritability, rapid speech, fleeting thoughts, insomnia, poor attention span, grandiosity, and poor judgment; usually occurs in bipolar d MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Schizophrenia: (skiz-o-fre-ne-ah) A common type of psychosis characterized by hallucinations and/or delusions, personality changes, withdrawal, and serious thought and speech disturbances. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Antipsychotic: Medication used to treat psychosis. MORE

Mystery Cult

Entertainment / Literature / Mystery Cult: Unlike the official 'public cults' dedicated to the Olympian gods in ancient Greece and Rome, a number of religious practices involved chthonic deities (like Demeter) and imported foreign gods (Ishtar MORE