Science / Psychiatry / Psychotherapy: Therapy involving psychological instead of medical treatment of mental disorders. It can include supportive dialogue, counseling, and cognitive behavioral approaches to achieve a thinking-feeling reorganization.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Health / Massage / Body-Oriented Psychotherapy: Body-oriented psychotherapy seeks to enhance the psychotherapeutic process by incorporating a range of massage, bodywork, and movement techniques. Acknowledging the mind-body link, practitioners may u MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Introspection: Self-observation; examination of ones feelings, often as a result of psychotherapy. MORE


Science / Biology / Termination: The end of translation; occurs when the ribosome reaches the stop codon on the messenger RNA molecule and the polypeptide, the messenger RNA, and the transfer RNA molecule are released from the riboso MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Dyad: Pair of complementary colors or any two colors considered visually harmonious. MORE


Health / Massage / Hakomi: Body-centered psychotherapy utilizing physical and psychological probes to evoke emotional and body responses to produce new self-awareness and health. MORE

Hakomi Therapy

Health / Massage / Hakomi Therapy: A body-centered psychotherapy, hakomi was started in the mid-1970s by American Ron Kurtz. Hakomi uses body tensions and sensations to access information about the limiting beliefs, patterns, and habit MORE