Science / Psychiatry / SANS: Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms - an assessment tool for the evaluation of drug treatment effects on schizophrenia symptoms.


Entertainment / Literature / Motif: A conspicuous recurring element, such as a type of incident, a device, a reference, or verbal formula, which appears frequently in works of literature. For instance, the 'loathly lady' who turns out t MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Guild: A medieval organization that combined the qualities of a union, a vocational school, a trading corporation, and product regulations committee for the bourgeoisie. These associations of merchants, arti MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Yonic: A yonic symbol is a sexualized representation of femininity and reproductive power--particularly through some object vaguely reminiscent of the vagina. Common yonic symbols include cups, cauldrons, ch MORE

Tera-Mai Seichem

Health / Massage / Tera-Mai Seichem: This is an ancient art of healing using the universal elemental energy rays of earth (reiki), air/ether (angelic light), fire (sakara) and water (sophi-el). Tera-Mai Seichem translates from Sanskrit a MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Baltica: Has synonym names Hasansky Sladky and Varajane Sinine. Listed as a blue-skinned berry having low tannin. Winter hardy to -32 deg. F (approx. -36 C.). Reported as making a light, fruity wine with cherr MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Ballad: In common parlance, song hits, folk music, and folktales or any song that tells a story are loosely called ballads. In more exact literary terminology, a ballad is a narrative poem consisting of quatr MORE