Sleep Terror Disorder

Science / Psychiatry / Sleep Terror Disorder: One of the parasomnias, characterized by panic and confusion when abruptly awakening from sleep. This usually begins with a scream and is accompanied by intense anxiety. The person is often confused and disoriented after awakening. No detailed dream is recalled, and there is amnesia for the episode. Sleep terrors typically occur during the first third of the major sleep episode.

Other Words for Disorder

Disorder Noun Synonyms: tumult, riot, disturbance, pandemonium, upheaval, ferment, fuss, unrest, uproar, hubbub, hullabaloo, commotion, clamour, turbulence, turmoil, turbulence, violence, bedlam, free-for-all, rumpus, brouhaha, fracas, affray, fray, brawl, Donnybrook, scuffle
Disorder Verb Synonyms: disarray, confusion, chaos, disorderliness, disorganization, untidiness, mess, muddle, jumble, hash, mishmash, tangle, hotchpotch or and also hodgepodge, derangement, shambles, clutter

Other Words for Sleep

Sleep Adjective Synonyms: doze, (take a) nap, catnap, rest, repose, slumber, drowse, drop or nod off, be in the land of Nod, be in the arms of Morpheus, snore, snooze, saw wood, catch or log a few zees (Z's), take or have a zizz, catch forty winks

Other Words for Terror

Terror Verb Synonyms: fright, dread, fear, horror, panic, shock, alarm, anxiety, dismay, consternation, intimidation, awe
Terror Adjective Synonyms: scourge, demon, brute, monster, fiend, devil, mad dog

Separation Anxiety Disorder

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Single-Gene Disorder

Science / Genetics / Single-Gene Disorder: Hereditary disorder caused by a mutant allele of a single gene (e.g., duchenne muscular dystrophy, retinoblastoma, sickle cell disease). MORE

Schizoaffective Disorder

Science / Psychiatry / Schizoaffective Disorder: (skiz-o-a-feck-tiv) A condition that includes symptoms of both schizophrenia and affective (mood) disorder. MORE