Somatic Passivity

Science / Psychiatry / Somatic Passivity: delusional belief that one is a passive recipient of bodily sensations from an external agency

Passivity Phenomena

Science / Psychiatry / Passivity Phenomena: delusional belief that an external agency is controlling the aspects of oneself that are usually under ones own control, e.g. though alienation, made feelings, made impulses, made actions and somatic MORE

Somatic Hallucination

Science / Psychiatry / Somatic Hallucination: A hallucination involving the perception of a physical experience localized within the body (such as a feeling of electricity). A somatic hallucination is to be distinguished from physical sensations MORE

Somatic Mutation

Science / Genetics / Somatic Mutation: A mutation occurring in any cell that is not destined to become a germ cell: if the mutant cell continues to divide, the individual will come to contain a patch of tissue of genotype different from th MORE

Somatic Growth

Science / Marine Biology / Somatic Growth: Growth of the body, exclusive of gametes MORE

Somatic Experiencing

Health / Massage / Somatic Experiencing: Somatic Education is a healthcare modality based on co-creative science. It is therefore taught and practiced in a co-creative partnership with nature. Somatic Education considers the body as one of n MORE

Somatic Nervous System

Science / Biology / Somatic Nervous System: The portion of the peripheral nervous system consisting of the motor neuron pathways that innervate skeletal muscles. MORE