Science / Psychiatry / Substitution: A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, by which an unattainable or unacceptable goal, emotion, or object is replaced by one that is more attainable or acceptable.

Other Words for Substitution

Substitution Adverb Synonyms: exchange, exchanging, change, changing, replacement, replacing, supplanting, switch, switching, interchange, interchanging, swap or swop, swapping or swopping

Metrical Substitution

Entertainment / Literature / Metrical Substitution: A way of varying poetic meter by taking a single foot of the normal meter and replacing it with a foot of different meter. For instance, a poem might consist primarily of iambic pentameter, with a 'li MORE

Therapeutic Substitution

Health / Health Insurance / Therapeutic Substitution: The dispensing of a different chemical entity within the same drug class of a drug listed on a pharmacy benefit management plan's formulary. Therapeutic substitution always requires physician approval MORE

Generic Substitution

Health / Health Insurance / Generic Substitution: The dispensing of a drug that is the generic equivalent of a drug listed on a pharmacy benefit management plan's formulary. In most cases, generic substitution can be performed without physician appro MORE

Substitution Swap

Business / Finance / Substitution Swap: A method for hedging price risk that uses debt market instruments, such as interest rate futures, or that involves selling borrowed securities as the primary assets. MORE

Asset Substitution

Business / Finance / Asset Substitution: Occurs when a firm invests in assets that are riskier than those that the debtholders expected. MORE

Same-Day Substitution

Business / Finance / Same-Day Substitution: Offsetting changes in a margin account during the day that result in no overall change in the balance of the account. MORE