Science / Psychiatry / Superego: In psychoanalytic theory, that part of the personality structure associated with ethics, standards, and self-criticism. It is formed by identification with important and esteemed persons in early life, particularly parents. The supposed or actual wishes of these significant persons are taken over as part of the childs own standards to help form the conscience.


Science / Psychiatry / Disinhibition: Freedom to act according to ones inner drives or feelings, with less regard for restraints imposed by cultural norms or ones superego; removal of an inhibitory, constraining, or limiting influence, as MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Mirroring: 1) The empathic responsiveness of the parent to the developing childs grandiose-exhibitionistic needs. Parental expressions of delight in the childs activities signal that the childs wishes and experi MORE


Technology / Motors / Identification: In most instances, the following information will help identify a motor: 1. Frame designation (actual frame size in which the motor is built). 2. Horsepower, speed, design and enclosure. 3. Voltage, f MORE