Science / Psychiatry / Unconscious: That part of the mind or mental functioning of which the content is only rarely subject to awareness. It is a repository for data that have never been conscious (primary repression) or that may have been conscious and are later repressed (secondary repression).

Other Words for Unconscious

Unconscious Adjective Synonyms: insensible, out (cold), knocked out, senseless, numb, stunned, comatose, dead to the world, blacked-out

Collective Unconscious

Entertainment / Literature / Collective Unconscious: In twentieth-century Jungian Psychology, this term refers to a shared group of archetypes (atavistic and universal images, cultural symbols, and recurring situations dealing with the fundamental facts MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Elaboration: An unconscious process consisting of expansion and embellishment of detail, especially with reference to a symbol or representation in a dream. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Transvestism: Sexual pleasure derived from dressing or masquerading in the clothing of the opposite sex, with the strong wish to appear as a member of the opposite sex. The sexual origins of transvestism may be unc MORE

Acting Out

Science / Psychiatry / Acting Out: This is the process of expressing unconscious emotional conflicts or feelings via actions rather than words. The person is not consciously aware of the meaning or etiology of such acts. Acting out may MORE


Technology / Email / Conversion: When an email recipient performs a desired action based on a mailing you have sent. A conversion could be a monetary transaction, such as a purchase made after clicking a link. It could also include a MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Transference: unconscious process in which emotions and attitudes experienced in childhood are transferred to the therapist MORE