Science / Tides and Currents / Analog: A continuous measurement or a continuous graphic display of data. See ADR gauge and marigram.

Analog control

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog control: Unlike digital control, which simply registers a button push or joystick direction, analog control is highly sensitive and takes into account to what degree the button or joystick is pushed. In 3D gam MORE

Analog Switch

Technology / Home Audio / Analog Switch: A hardware-oriented switch that only passes signals that are faithful analogs of transducer parameters. MORE

Analog TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Analog TV: Analog TV is the NTSC Standard for traditional television broadcasts. Analog signals vary continuously, representing fluctuations in color and brightness. MORE

Analog Pin

Technology / Programming / Analog Pin: On the arduino, the analog pins enable reading of voltage. The voltage on the pin is interpreted as an integer value in the range of 0 to 1,023. MORE

Analog stick

Entertainment / Video Games / Analog stick: Sometimes called a 'thumbstick,' an 'analog stick' is an input device for a video game controller, and allows for precise control of on-screen action that is directly related to the degree to which th MORE

Linguistic Analogy

Entertainment / Literature / Linguistic Analogy: The modification of grammatical usage from the desire for uniformity. For instance, a child who states, 'I broked the toy' or a man who says 'I knowed the truth' is merely attempting to regularize the MORE