Apogean Tides Or Tidal Currents

Science / Tides and Currents / Apogean Tides Or Tidal Currents: Tides of decreased range or currents of decreased speed occurring monthly as the result of the Moon being in apogee. The apogean range (An) of the tide is the average range occurring at the time of apogean tides and is most conveniently computed from the harmonic constants. It is smaller than the mean range, where the type of tide is either semidiurnal or mixed, and is of no practical significance where the type of tide is predominantly diurnal.

Palpal Organs

Science / Spiders / Palpal Organs: The more or less complex structures fs)und in the terminal part of the adult male palp. They comprise groups of sclerites separated from each other and the cymbium by up to three haematodochac and con MORE

Palo Cortado

Life Style / Wine / Palo Cortado: A rare style of dry Sherry. It is the result of failure of complete development of the flor, so it starts life as neither Fino nor Amontillado. What flor there is subsequently dies, and as a conseque MORE


Science / Biology / Palynomorph: Generic term for any object a palynologist studies. MORE