Celestial Sphere

Science / Tides and Currents / Celestial Sphere: An imaginary sphere of infinite radius concentric with the Earth on which all celestial bodies except the Earth are imagined to be projected.

Other Words for Celestial

Celestial Adjective Synonyms: heavenly, divine, spiritual, godly, paradisiac(al) or paradisaic, sublime, empyrean, Elysian, ethereal, immortal, supernatural

Other Words for Sphere

Sphere Adjective Synonyms: globe, orb, globule, spherule, drop, droplet, bubble

Celestial Equator

Science / Astrology / Celestial Equator: The extension of Earth's equator into space, perpendicular to Earth's axis. MORE


Science / Geology / Asthenosphere: A portion of the upper mantle that is directly below the lithosphere. A zone of low strength in the upper mantle defines the top of the asthenosphere. This weak zone allows the plates of the lithosphe MORE


Science / Weather / Photosphere: The intensely bright portion of the sun visible to the unaided eye; the 'surface' of the sun. Reaching temperatures estimated at about 11,000?‚°F, it is the portion of the sun's atmosphere which em MORE


Science / Weather / Mesosphere: The layer of the atmosphere located between the stratosphere and the ionosphere, where temperatures drop rapidly with increasing height. It extends between 31 and 50 miles (17 to 80 kilometers) above MORE

Longitude, Celestial

Science / Astrology / Longitude, Celestial: The distance in degrees (arc) from 0° Aries eastward to any given point that intersects the ecliptic. Celestial longitude is measured from 0° to 360°. For example, 10° Taurus is expressed astronom MORE


Science / Biology / Lithosphere: The solid outer layer of the Earth; includes both the land area and the land beneath the oceans and other water bodies. MORE