Comparison Of Simultaneous Observations

Science / Tides and Currents / Comparison Of Simultaneous Observations: A reduction process in which a short series of tide or tidal current observations at any place is compared with simultaneous observations at a control station where tidal or tidal current constants have previously been determined from a long series of observations. The observations are typically high and low tides and monthly means. For tides, it is usually used to adjust constants from a subordinate station to the equivalent value that would be obtained from a l9-year series. See first reduction, standard method, modified-range ratio method, and direct method.

Other Words for Comparison

Comparison Noun Synonyms: match, similarity, resemblance, likeness, comparability, relation, relationship, commensurability, kinship, point of agreement or correspondence
Comparison Verb Synonyms: contrasting, contrast, juxtaposing, juxtaposition, balancing, balance, weighing

Other Words for Simultaneous

Simultaneous Adverb Synonyms: coincident, coinciding, concurrent, contemporaneous, synchronous, contemporary

Place Of Articulation

Entertainment / Literature / Place Of Articulation: The point in the oral cavity where the position of speech organs (lips, teeth, tongue, etc.) Is most important for a particular sound. MORE

Pie Model Of Capital Structure

Business / Finance / Pie Model Of Capital Structure: A model of the debt-equity ratio of the firms, graphically depicted in slices of a pie that represent the value of the firm in the capital markets. MORE

Picked Off

Entertainment / Football / Picked Off: Intercepted. MORE