Daylight Saving Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Daylight Saving Time: A time used during the sum mer months, in some localities, in which clocks are advanced 1 hour from the usual standard time.

Other Words for Daylight

Daylight Noun Synonyms: open, broad daylight, light of day, full view, full knowledge, clarity
Daylight Verb Synonyms: sunlight, sun, sunshine, light

Other Words for Saving

Saving Verb Synonyms: redeeming, redemptory or redemptive or redemptional, compensating, compensatory, qualifying, extenuating, extenuatory

Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

War Time

Science / Astrology / War Time: The name used for daylight saving time during periods of war. See also daylight saving time. MORE

Summer Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Summer Time: British name for daylight saving time. MORE

Savings Deposits

Business / Finance / Savings Deposits: Accounts that pay interest, typically at below-market interest rates, that do not have a specific maturity, and that usually can be withdrawn upon demand. MORE

Savings Element

Business / Finance / Savings Element: Used in the context of life insurance, the cash value built up in a policy, which equals the amount of premium paid minus the cost of protection. This excess is invested by the insurance company, and MORE

Savings Rate

Business / Finance / Savings Rate: Personal savings as a percentage of disposable personal income. MORE

Screen Time

Technology / Television (TV) / Screen Time: The duration of a program--which is normally shorter than the time represented in the program's narrative (that is, its story time). E.g., the story time of one soap opera episode is typically a day o MORE