Deviation (Of Compass)

Science / Tides and Currents / Deviation (Of Compass): The deflection of the needle of a magnetic compass due to masses of magnetic metal within a ship on which the compass is located. This deflection varies with different headings of the ship. The deviation is called easterly and marked plus if the deflection is to the right of magnetic north, and is called westerly and marked minus if it is to the left of magnetic north. A deviation table is a tabular arrangement showing the amount of deviation for different headings of the ship. Each compass requires a separate deviation table.

Set (Of Current)

Science / Tides and Currents / Set (Of Current): The direction towards which the current flows. MORE

Sorting (Of A Sediment)

Science / Marine Biology / Sorting (Of A Sediment): The range of scatter of particle sizes about the median grain size of a sediment MORE

Resorption (Of Bone)

Health / Dentistry / Resorption (Of Bone): A loss of bone substances by physiologic or pathologic means is considered associated with the natural aging process, metabolic disturbances and trauma. MORE