Ebb Current (Ebb)

Science / Tides and Currents / Ebb Current (Ebb): The movement of a tidal current away from shore or down a tidal river or estuary. In the mixed type of reversing tidal current, the terms greater ebb and lesser ebb are applied respectively to ebb tidal currents of greater and lesser speed each day. The terms maximum ebb and minimum ebb are applied to the maximum and minimum speeds of a current running continuously ebb, the speed alternately increasing and decreasing without coming to a slack or reversing. The expression maximum ebb is also applicable to any ebb current at the time of greatest speed. See ebb strength.

Other Words for Current

Current Adjective Synonyms: contemporary, ongoing, present, contemporaneous, simultaneous, coeval
Current Noun Synonyms: course, progress, tendency, tenor, drift, trend, inclination, mainstream

Other Words for Ebb

Ebb Verb Synonyms: recede, flow back, subside, go out, go down, fall back or away, retreat, retrocede, retire
Ebb Noun Synonyms: decline, decay, decrease, diminution, wane, drop, slackening (off), dwindling, lessening, deterioration, degeneration

Monsoon Current (Southwest Monsoon Current)

Science / Tides and Currents / Monsoon Current (Southwest Monsoon Current): An Indian Ocean current setting in a generally eastward to southeastward direction off India and Ceylon. It replaces the North Equatorial Current, reversed by wind stress of the south-west monsoons, i MORE

Neap Tides Or Tidal Currents

Science / Tides and Currents / Neap Tides Or Tidal Currents: Tides of decreased range or tidal currents of decreased speed occurring semimonthly as the result of the Moon being in quadrature. The neap range (Np) of the tide is the average range occurring at the MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Nebbiolo: Has synonym names of Spanna in the northern hills of Piedmont, Italy: Picutener and Pugnet are two local clones grown in the Carema DOC, N.W. Piedmont. Also the Chiavennasca vine in Lombardy. Is the v MORE