Science / Tides and Currents / Eddy: A quasi-circular movement of water whose area is relatively small in comparison to the current with which it is associated.

Other Words for Eddy

Eddy Adjective Synonyms: swirl, whirl, vortex, gurgitation, whirlpool, maelstrom, Charybdis, dust devil, whirlwind, twister, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, waterspout
Eddy Noun Synonyms: swirl, whirl, turn, spin

Eddy Current

Health / Fitness / Eddy Current: A type of resistance that works electromagnetically with a precision-balanced aluminum disk that spins freely between variable magnetic fields. Because of the very few moving parts and no friction, ed MORE

Catalina Eddy

Science / Weather / Catalina Eddy: A weak low pressure circulation that may form off the Southern California coast. MORE


Technology / Motors / Laminations: The steel portion of the rotor and stator cores made up of a series of thin laminations (sheets) which are stacked and fastened together by cleats, rivets or welds. Laminations are used instead of a s MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Ekmanspiral : A logarithmic spiral (when projected on a horizontal plane) formed by the heads of current velocity vectors at increasing depths. The current vectors become progressively smaller with depth. They spir MORE