Science / Tides and Currents / Month: The period of the revolution of the Moon around the Earth. The month is designated as siderial, tropical, anomalistic, nodical, or synodical according to whether the revolution is relative to a fixed star, vernal equinox, perigee, ascending node, or Sun. The calendar month is a rough approximation to the synodical month.

Maximum Monthly Benefit

Health / Dentistry / Maximum Monthly Benefit: This is the highest dollar amount an employee with a disability can receive on a monthly basis under the Long Term Disability plan. MORE

Delivery Month

Business / Agriculture / Delivery Month: The specified month within which a futures contract matures and can be settled by delivery. Also referred to as contract month. MORE

Head Month

Business / Agriculture / Head Month: A month’s use and occupancy of rangeland by a single animal or equivalent. A full head month’s fee is charged for each month of grazing by adult animals if the grazing animal (1) is weaned, (2) is MORE