Science / Tides and Currents / N: Rate of change (as of January 1, 1900) in mean longitude of the Moon's node. N = – 0.002,206,41° per solar hour.

Trellis Drainage

Science / Geology / Trellis Drainage: A drainage pattern in which streams intersect at right angles. This forms in areas of long parallel valleys such as in folded mountain belts. Rivers occupy the valleys and tributary streams join them MORE

Terminal Moraine

Science / Geology / Terminal Moraine: A sinuous ridge of unsorted glacial till deposited by a glacier at the line of its farthest advance. MORE

Submarine Canyon

Science / Geology / Submarine Canyon: An underwater canyon, carved into the continental shelf. These can be carved by turbidity currents or carved subaerially during a time when sea level was lower. MORE

Rupture Strength

Science / Geology / Rupture Strength: The greatest stress that a material can sustain without fracturing at one atmosphere pressure. MORE

Volcanic Breccia

Science / Geology / Volcanic Breccia: A rock made up of pyroclastic fragments that are at least 64 millimeters in diameter. MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Inside-In: Running around one side and hitting it down the line; less popular than the inside-out MORE