Science / Tides and Currents / Nu: Larger lunar evectional constituent. See lambda. Speed = 2T – 3s + 4h – p = 28.512,583,1° per solar hour.

Nuclear Electric Power (Nuclear Power)

Science / Geology / Nuclear Electric Power (Nuclear Power): The generation of electricity using the heat released from a nuclear fuel. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Half-Nut: A lever-operated mechanism that resembles a split nut that can be closed on the leadscrew of a lathe when threads are being cut. MORE

Mohorovic Discontinuity

Science / Geology / Mohorovic Discontinuity: The boundary between crust and mantle, marked by a rapid increase in seismic wave velocity to more than 8 kilometers per second. Depth: 5 to 45 kilometers. Abbreviated 'Moho' or 'M-discontinuity.' MORE

Thermonuclear Reaction

Science / Geology / Thermonuclear Reaction: A reaction in which atomic nuclei fuse into new elements with a large release of heat: especially a reaction that is self-sustaining. Occasionally used to include fission reactions as well. MORE

Castle Nut

Business / Machine Shop / Castle Nut: A nut with grooves cut entirely across the top face for the purpose of resisting loosening with vibration. MORE

Hardware Manufacturer

Entertainment / Video Games / Hardware Manufacturer: Company that manufactures game systems (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). MORE