Science / Tides and Currents / Real-Time: Pertains to a data collecting system that monitors an on-going process and disseminates measured values before they are expected to have changed significantly.

Interactive Television

Technology / Television (TV) / Interactive Television: An anticipated use of television with interactive content and enhancements, enabling the viewer to interact with the program. Interactive television, in theory, would enhance the entertainment experie MORE

Pink Sheets

Business / Finance / Pink Sheets: Refers to over-the-counter trading. Daily publication of the national quotation bureau that reports the bid and ask prices of thousands of OTC stocks, as well as the market makers who trade each stock MORE


Business / Agriculture / Transparency: A World Trade Organization principle stipulating that a country’s policies and regulations affecting foreign trade should be clearly communicated to its trading partners. For example, out of recogni MORE

Physical Oceanographic Real Time System (PORTS)

Science / Tides and Currents / Physical Oceanographic Real Time System (PORTS): A national system of current, water level, and other oceanographical and meteorological sensors telemetering data in real-time to central locations for storage, processing, and dissemination. Availabl MORE

Role-Playing Game (RPG)

Entertainment / Video Games / Role-Playing Game (RPG): Lengthy, slow moving game with elaborate storylines that involve going on a quest and developing one or more characters on the way. Although traditionally turn-based, newer rpgs tend to incorporate re MORE


Entertainment / Football / Rush: 1. An attempt to tackle or hurry a player before he can throw a pass or make a kick. 2. A running play. MORE