Reversing Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Reversing Current: A tidal current which flows alternately in approximately opposite directions with a slack water at each reversal of direction. Currents of this type usually occur in rivers and straits where the direction of flow is more or less restricted to certain channels. When the movement is towards the shore or up a stream, the current is said to be flooding, and when in the opposite direction, it is said to be ebbing. The combined flood and ebb movement (including the slack water) covers, on an average, 12.42 hours for a semidiurnal current. If unaffected by a non-tidal flow, the flood and ebb movements will each last about 6 hours, but when combined with such a flow, the durations of flood and ebb may be quite different. During the flow in each direction the speed of the current will vary from zero at the time of slack water to a maximum about midway between the slacks.

Other Words for Current

Current Adjective Synonyms: contemporary, ongoing, present, contemporaneous, simultaneous, coeval
Current Noun Synonyms: course, progress, tendency, tenor, drift, trend, inclination, mainstream

Flood Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Flood Current: The movement of a tidal cur-rent toward the shore or up a tidal river or estuary. In the mixed type of reversing current, the terms greater flood and lesser flood are applied respectively to the two f MORE

Net Current Assets

Business / Finance / Net Current Assets: The difference between current assets and current liabilities, also known as working capital. MORE

Non-Current Assets

Business / Finance / Non-Current Assets: Assets that are not convertible to cash within one year in the normal course of business. Property and Goodwill are examples of non-current assets. See also current assets. MORE