Science / Tides and Currents / Rip: Agitation of water caused by the meeting of currents or by a rapid current setting over an irregular bottom. Termed tide rip when a tidal current is involved. See overfalls.

Other Words for Rip

Rip Adjective Synonyms: tear, rent, split, gash, slash, rift, cleft, rupture
Rip Verb Synonyms: tear (apart or asunder), rend, be torn or rent, split, cut (apart)


Entertainment / Golf / Stripe: To hit a tee shot solidly and straight, implying that it finds the center stripe of the fairway (the direction of mowing and subsequent leaning of the grass blades has the visual effect on the fairway MORE

Triple Sec

Entertainment / Liquor / Triple Sec: A highly popular sweetener and flavoring agent in many drinks, triple-sec is the best known form of cura?§ao, a liquer made from the skins of the cura?§ao orange. Cointreau is a high quality brand o MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Regrip: 1. To move or reposition the hands on the club during the swing 2. To replace the grip of a club MORE

Shooting Script

Technology / Television (TV) / Shooting Script: Generally speaking, a written description of a program, wherein each scene is described shot-by-shot. (Terms used to describe different types of scripts vary considerably within the television and fil MORE

Filler Strips

Life Style / Painting / Filler Strips: Strips made from specially treated wood, metal. Fiber or plastic in the center of a paintbrush, creating a reservoir of paint, thereby greatly increasing the paint carrying capacity. MORE

Ledger Strip

Business / Construction / Ledger Strip: A strip of lumber nailed along the bottom of the side of a girder on which joists rest. MORE