Science / Tides and Currents / Sa: Solar annual constituent. This constituent, with Ssa, accounts for the non-uniform changes in the Sun's declination and distance. In actuality, they mostly reflect yearly meteorological variations influencing sea level. Speed = h = 0.04 1,068,64° per solar hour.

Anti-Fraternal Satire

Entertainment / Literature / Anti-Fraternal Satire: Medieval satire that points out (in humor or anger) the failings and hypocrisies of bad monks, friars, and nuns in particular and the secular clergy and church officers more generally. Examples from T MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Marsanne: Semi-classic grape used in the traditional white wine blends of the French Hermitage-Rhone region. With long barrel-ageing in the past, these wines used to require about ten years in the bottle before MORE

Download Message

Technology / Email / Download Message: Allows you to save a copy of an email message to your own computer which will be stored as a distinct text file. MORE

Unsafe Acts

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Unsafe Acts: Any action, such as horseplay, fighting, failing to abide by a safety rule, etc., that results in accident or injury to another. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Bandsaw: A power saw the blade of which is a continuous, narrow, steel band having teeth on one edge and passing over two large pulley wheels. MORE

Salt Water

Science / Weather / Salt Water: The water of the ocean, distinguished from fresh water by its appreciable salinity. MORE