Science / Tides and Currents / Shear: A quasi-horizontal layer moving at a different velocity relative to the layer directly below and/or above.

Shear Line

Science / Weather / Shear Line: A line of maximum horizontal wind shear. A narrow zone across which there is an abrupt change in the horizontal wind component parallel to it. MORE

Wind Shear

Science / Weather / Wind Shear: The rate of wind speed or direction change with distance. Vertical wind shear is the rate of change of the wind with respect to altitude. Horizontal wind shear is the rate of change on a horizontal pl MORE

Shear Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Shear Strength: The characteristic of a material to resist shear forces. MORE

Directional Shear

Science / Weather / Directional Shear: The shear created by a rapid change in wind direction with height. MORE

Shear Block

Business / Construction / Shear Block: Plywood that is face nailed to short (2 X 4's or 2 X 6's) wall studs (above a door or window, for example). This is done to prevent the wall from sliding and collapsing. MORE

Year-End Dividend

Business / Finance / Year-End Dividend: Slang for one billion currency units. Used particularly in currency trading, e.g., for Japanese yen since one billion yen equals approximately US$10 million. It is clearer to say, 'I'm a buyer of a ya MORE