Standard Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Standard Time: A kind of time based upon the transit of the Sun over a certain specified meridian, called the time meridian, and adopted for use over a considerable area. With a few exceptions, standard time is based upon some meridian which differs by a multiple of 15° from the meridian of Greenwich. The United States first adopted standard time in 1883 on the initiative of the American Railway Association, and at noon on November 18 of that year the telegraphic time signals from the Naval Observatory at Washington were changed to this system.

Other Words for Standard

Standard Noun Synonyms: criterion, measure, benchmark, model, pattern, archetype, touchstone, yardstick, gauge, guide, guideline, paradigm, paragon, exemplar, example, sample, type, ideal, beau id‚al, rule, canon, law, requirement, precept, principle

Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

Local Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Local Time: Time in which noon is defined by the transit of the Sun over the local meridian as distinguished from standard time which is based upon the transit of the Sun over a standard meridian. Local time may MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Time: Time is measured by the rotation of the Earth with respect to some point in the celestial sphere and may be designated as sidereal, solar, or lunar, according to whether the measurement is taken in re MORE

Daylight Saving Time

Science / Astrology / Daylight Saving Time: The practice of advaning the clock one hour in the spring of the year. Significant in the erection of natal charts as it requires that one hour be subjected from the standard time when daylight saving MORE