Science / Tides and Currents / Trough: The lowest point in a propagating wave. See low water and tidal wave.

Equatorial Trough

Science / Weather / Equatorial Trough: The quasi-continuous area of low pressure between the subtropical high pressure areas in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. MORE

Long Wave Trough

Science / Weather / Long Wave Trough: A wave in the prevailing westerly flow aloft which is characterized by a large length and amplitude. A long wave moves slowly and is persistent. Its position and intensity govern weather patterns over MORE

Pre-Frontal Trough

Science / Weather / Pre-Frontal Trough: An elongated area of relatively low pressure preceding a cold front that is usually associated with a shift in wind direction. MORE

Wave Length

Science / Weather / Wave Length: The least distance between particles moving in the same phase of oscillation of a wave. In oceanography, it is the horizontal distance between the highest parts of two successive wave crests above the MORE


Business / Finance / Depression: In the context of stocks, stock whose market price is low in comparison to stocks in its sector. MORE

Upper Level

Science / Weather / Upper Level: The portion of the atmosphere which is above the lower troposphere. It is generally applied to the levels above 850 millibars. Therefore, upper level lows and highs, troughs, winds, observations, and MORE