Adiabatic Process

Science / Weather / Adiabatic Process: A thermodynamic change of state in a system in which there is no transfer of heat or mass across the boundaries of the system. In this process, compression will result in warming and expansion will result in cooling.

Other Words for Process

Process Noun Synonyms: procedure, proceeding, operation, system, method, approach, technique, course of action

Process Taste

Life Style / Coffee / Process Taste: This term reflects a number of defects. Some technological treatment of coffee can develop well-identified off-flavors: cooked, caramelized, cereal, and acrid. MORE

Process Reengineering

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Process Reengineering: The process of improving business practices or methods by creating and implementing new processes or making changes to existing processes. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Processing: Sequence of steps whereby a latent photographic image is converted into a visible, permanent image. MORE

Processing Fee

Business / Loan / Processing Fee: A fee charged by lenders or brokers to prepare a complete loan application file. A processing fee may be charged to the borrower and shown on the Settlement Statement (HUD-1). MORE

Push Processing

Entertainment / Photography / Push Processing: Increasing the development time of a film to increase its effective speed. See pushing. MORE


Technology / Computers / Processor: A processor is a device that processes programmed instructions and performs tasks. Your processor sends and receives information from the different parts of the system (from hardware and software). Th MORE