Advection Fog

Science / Weather / Advection Fog: Fog that develops when warm moist air moves over a colder surface, cooling that air to below its dew point.

Other Words for Fog

Fog Verb Synonyms: trance, daze, stupor, brown study, confused state, coma
Fog Noun Synonyms: mist, haze, smog, vapour, cloud, pea-souper

Steam Fog

Science / Weather / Steam Fog: A type of advection fog that is produced by evaporation when cool air passes over a warm wet surface and the fog rises, giving the appearance of steam. Also called sea smoke when it occurs over the oc MORE

Sea Fog

Science / Weather / Sea Fog: A type of advection fog which forms in warm moist air cooled to saturation as the air moves across cold water. MORE

Ice Fog

Science / Weather / Ice Fog: Fog that is composed of minute ice particles. It occurs in very low temperatures under clear, calm conditions in the polar latitudes and may produce a halo around the sun or moon. MORE

Ground Fog

Science / Weather / Ground Fog: Fog created when radiational cooling at the earth's surface lowers the temperature of the air near the ground to or below its initial dew point. Primarily takes place at night or early morning. MORE

Fogoneu Francés

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Fogoneu Francés: Native variety grown on the island of Mallorca. MORE

Freezing Fog

Science / Weather / Freezing Fog: Used to describe the phenomena when fog is present and the air temperature is below 0°C. It is reported as 'FZFG' in an observation and on the METAR. MORE