Science / Weather / Altitude: In meteorology, the measure of a height of an airborne object in respect to a constant pressure surface or above mean sea level.

Density Altitude

Science / Weather / Density Altitude: The altitude at which a given density is found in the standard atmosphere. Used in aviation, it is computed from the station pressure at takeoff and the virtual temperature at the particular altitude MORE

Pressure Altitude

Science / Weather / Pressure Altitude: The altitude in standard atmosphere at which a given pressure will be observed. It is the indicated altitude of a pressure altimeter at an altitude setting of 29.92 inches of mercury, and is therefore MORE

Absolute Altitude

Technology / Aviation / Absolute Altitude: The measureable height of an aircraft above the actual terrain. MORE


Science / Weather / Stratopause: The boundary zone or transition layer between the stratosphere and the mesosphere. Characterized by a decrease in temperature with increasing altitude. MORE

High Clouds

Science / Weather / High Clouds: A term used to signify cirriform clouds that are composed of ice crystals and generally have bases above 20,000 feet. The main types of high clouds are cirrus,cirrocumulus, and cirrostratus. This alti MORE


Science / Weather / Troposphere: The lowest layer of the atmosphere located between the earth's surface to approximately 11 miles (17 kilometers) into the atmosphere. Characterized by clouds and weather, temperature generally decreas MORE