American Meteorological Society

Science / Weather / American Meteorological Society: An organization whose membership promotes the education and professional advancement of the atmospheric, hydrologic, and oceanographic sciences.

Other Words for Society

Society Verb Synonyms: organization, club, association, circle, league, institute, academy, alliance, guild, group, fraternity, sorority, brotherhood, sisterhood, fellowship, union, consociation, sodality, Verein, bund or Bund
Society Adjective Synonyms: fellowship, brotherhood, association, intercourse, companionship, company, camaraderie, friendship

Dietary Guidelines For Americans

Business / Agriculture / Dietary Guidelines For Americans: Dietary recommendations for healthy Americans age 2 and older about food choices that promote health, specifically with respect to prevention or delay of chronic diseases. These guidelines, which were MORE

Caffe Americano

Life Style / Coffee / Caffe Americano: An espresso lengthened with hot water. MORE

Building Society

Business / Debt / Building Society: 'Mutual' non-profit-making institutions set up to lend money to their members for house purchase. Building societies are 'mutual;' because they are owned by their members, and their members are entitl MORE

Ginseng, American Wild (Panax quinquefolia)

Health / Herbs / Ginseng, American Wild (Panax quinquefolia): An adaptogen (helps the system adapt to a variety of changes), increases energy, decreases blood pressure. contraindicated during pregnancy. MORE

Healthy Meals For Healthy Americans Act Of 1994

Business / Agriculture / Healthy Meals For Healthy Americans Act Of 1994: P.L. 103-448 (November 2, 1994) Amendments reauthorizing several expiring programs under the National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Amendments of 1966 through FY1998. Required that federally su MORE

Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology)

Science / Astrology / Meteorological Astrology (Astro-Meteorology): The use of astrology for forecasting the weather conditions, earthquakes, and severe storms. Also called natural astrology. MORE