Aneroid Barometer

Science / Weather / Aneroid Barometer: An instrument for measuring the atmospheric pressure. It registers the change in the shape of an evacuated metal cell to measure variations on the atmospheric pressure. The aneroid is a thin-walled metal capsule or cell, usually made of phosphor bronze or beryllium copper. The scales on the glass cover measure pressure in both inches and millibars.

Mercurial Barometer

Science / Weather / Mercurial Barometer: An instrument used for measuring the change in atmospheric pressure. It uses a long glass tube, open at one end and closed at the other. After first filling the open end with mercury, it is then tempo MORE


Science / Chemistry / Barometer: An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. A mercury barometer is a closed tube filled with mercury inverted in a mercury reservoir. The height of the mercury column indicates atmospheric press MORE

January Barometer

Business / Finance / January Barometer: A statistic from 'The Stock Traders Alamanac' reflecting, with 88% accuracy, that the overall stock market rises in a year when the S&P is up in the month of January and drops when the index for that MORE