Science / Weather / Arctic: Of or relating to the area around the geographic North Pole, from 90° North to the Arctic Circle at approximately 66 1/2 North latitude.

Arctic Jet

Science / Weather / Arctic Jet: The jet stream that is situated high in the stratosphere in and around the Arctic or Antarctic Circles. It marks the boundary of polar and arctic air masses. MORE

Arctic Air Mass

Science / Weather / Arctic Air Mass: An air mass that develops around the Arctic, it is characterized by being cold from surface to great heights. The boundary of this air mass is often defined by the Arctic front, a semi-permanent, semi MORE

Antarctic Circumpolar Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Antarctic Circumpolar Current: The largest permanent current in the world, setting eastward around the Antarctic Continent south of Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope, Tasmania, and New Zealand. Through Drake Passage, it transports appro MORE


Science / Weather / Antarctic: Of or relating to the area around the geographic South Pole, from 90° South to the Antarctic Circle at approximately 66 1/2°South latitude, including the continent of Antarctica. Along the Antarctic MORE

Antarctic Ocean

Science / Weather / Antarctic Ocean: Although not officially recognized as a separate ocean body, it is commonly applied to those portions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans that reach the Antarctic continent on their southern e MORE

Arctic Sea Smoke

Science / Weather / Arctic Sea Smoke: A type of advection fog that forms primarily over water when cold air passes across warmer waters. MORE