Arctic Jet

Science / Weather / Arctic Jet: The jet stream that is situated high in the stratosphere in and around the Arctic or Antarctic Circles. It marks the boundary of polar and arctic air masses.


Entertainment / Ballet / Jete: Jete is a jump from one foot to the other (like a leap), in which one leg appears to be 'thrown' in the direction of the movement (front, back or sideways). There are several kinds of jetes, such as p MORE


Science / Geology / Jetty: A human made structure built at right angles to a coastline and extending into the water. Jetties are built to protect an area of shoreline from the effects of currents, erosion or deposition. MORE

Jet Stream

Science / Weather / Jet Stream: An area of strong winds that are concentrated in a relatively narrow band in the upper troposphere of the middle latitudes and subtropical regions of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Flowing in MORE

Jet Streak

Science / Weather / Jet Streak: A region of accelerated wind speed along the axis of a jet stream. MORE

Jet Propulsion

Technology / Aviation / Jet Propulsion: that form of propulsion produced when a relatively small mass of air is given a large amount of acceleration. MORE

Jumbo Jets

Technology / Aviation / Jumbo Jets: the name given to wide-bodied airplanes such as the Boeing 747, 757, McDonald Douglas DC-10, Lockheed L-1011, and the A-300 Airbus, etc. MORE