Argon (A)

Science / Weather / Argon (A): A colorless, odorless inert gas that is the third most abundant constituent of dry air, comprising 0.93% of the total.

Jargon Aphasia

Science / Psychiatry / Jargon Aphasia: incoherent, meaningless, neologistic speech MORE

Lipoprotein (A)

Health / Vitamins / Lipoprotein (A): A lipoprotein considered to be an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. MORE

Navy Service (A)

Technology / Motors / Navy Service (A): Motors designed to meet requirements of MIL M-17059 or MlL M-17060 for high shock and service and are essential to the combat effectiveness of a ship. These motors are usually made of nodular iron. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Jargon: Potentially confusing words and phrases used in an occupation, trade, or field of study. We might speak of medical jargon, sports jargon, pedagogic jargon, police jargon, or military jargon, for insta MORE

Atto (A)

Science / Chemistry / Atto (A): Prefix used in the SI system meaning 'multiply by 10-18'. For example, 3 am means 3× 10-18 meters. MORE

Amperes (A)

Technology / Home Audio / Amperes (A): Ampere is a unit measurement of current of electrical energy equal to one coulomb of charge per second. Most DC applications refer to positive current - current which flows from a positive potential t MORE