Science / Weather / Asos: Acronym for Automated Surface Observing System. This system is a collection of automated weather instruments that collect data. It performs surface based observations from places that do not have a human observer, or that do not have an observer 24 hours a day.


Entertainment / Literature / Ekstasos: (Greek, 'ecstasy') In Greek thinking, ekstasos is a non-rational state of mind that people achieve by 'losing themselves' in an experience--becoming so engrossed in a sensation or a moment that one fo MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Thiasos: In ancient Greece, a thiasos was an organized group of women devoted to the worship of Aphrodite. Early scholars have suggested that the poet Sappo may have been a member of a thiasos on the isle of L MORE


Science / Weather / Awips: Acronym for Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System. It is the computerized system that processes NEXRAD and ASOS data received at National Weather Service Forecast Offices. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Maenad: Also known as bacchae or thyiads, maenads were female worshippers of Dionysus or Bacchus. In the mystery cult of Dionysus, worshippers would get drunk on wine and then undergo an all-night process of MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parody: Beside, subsidiary, or mock song): A parody imitates the serious manner and characteristic features of a particular literary work in order to make fun of those same features. The humorist achieves par MORE