Science / Weather / Aurora: It is created by the radiant energy emission from the sun and its interaction with the earth's upper atmosphere over the middle and high latitudes. It is seen as a bright display of constantly changing light near the magnetic poles of each hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is known as the aurora borealis or Northern Lights, and in the Southern Hemisphere, this phenomena is called the aurora australis.


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Aurore: Has synonym names Seibel 5279 and Aurora. Hardy, early sweet French-american hybrid variety widely grown in New York State (U.S.A), but no longer recommended. Fruit usually ripens very early in late A MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Epic: An epic in its most specific sense is a genre of classical poetry. It is a poem that is (a) a long narrative about a serious subject, (b) told in an elevated style of language, (c) focused on the expl MORE


Entertainment / Ballet / Entree: In ballet, the term Entree has two meanings: 1. Entree can refer to the opening number in a suite of dances known as the Grand Pas (or Grand Pas d'action: Classical Pas de deux: etc.) The Entree typic MORE