Barrier Winds

Science / Weather / Barrier Winds: Refers to the westerly flow of air along the northern slope of the Brooks Range in northern Alaska that precedes the arrival of colder air from the north.

Other Words for Barrier

Barrier Noun Synonyms: bar, fence, railing, wall, ditch, ha-ha

Storm Winds

Science / Weather / Storm Winds: On the Beaufort Wind Scale, a wind with speeds from 56 to 63 knots (64 to 72 miles per hour). MORE

Santa Ana Winds

Science / Weather / Santa Ana Winds: The hot, dry winds, generally from the east, that funnel through the Santa Ana river valley south of the San Gabriel and San Bernadino Mountains in southern California, including the Los Angeles basin MORE

Nontariff Barriers (NTB’s)

Business / Agriculture / Nontariff Barriers (NTB’s): Any restriction, charge, or policy other than a tariff, that limits access of imported goods. Examples of nontariff barriers include quantitative restrictions, mainly import quotas and embargoes: impo MORE

Straight-Line Winds

Science / Weather / Straight-Line Winds: Any surface wind that is not associated with rotation. An example is the first gust from a thunderstorm, as opposed to tornadic winds. MORE

Technical Barriers To Trade (Tbts)

Business / Agriculture / Technical Barriers To Trade (Tbts): A category of nontariff barriers to trade, tbts are the widely divergent measures that countries use to regulate markets, protect their consumers, or preserve their natural resources (among other obje MORE

Wasatch Winds

Science / Weather / Wasatch Winds: Strong winds blowing easterly out of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, sometimes reaching speeds greater than 75 miles per hour. MORE