Bow Echo

Science / Weather / Bow Echo: A radar echo signature often associated with severe thunderstorms, especially those that produce wind damage. It is bent outward in a 'bow' shape.

Other Words for Bow

Bow Noun Synonyms: nod, curtsy or curtsey, salaam, genuflection, prostration, obeisance
Bow Verb Synonyms: defer, yield, submit, give in, bend, bow down, capitulate

Other Words for Echo

Echo Noun Synonyms: reverberation, repercussion, repetition, iteration, reiteration
Echo Verb Synonyms: imitate, ape, parrot, mimic, copy, duplicate, reproduce, simulate, repeat, emulate, mirror, reflect

Elbowroom Factor

Life Style / Travel / Elbowroom Factor: The relative spaciousness of a ship. We've taken the ratios of ship tonnage and passenger count (often referred to as 'space ratios'), and translated them into the terms snug (space ratio less than 30 MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Elbowing: Throwing your elbows during play in order to hit another player or push him away; it's a foul if contact is made. MORE

Feel Bowling

Entertainment / Bowling / Feel Bowling: The practice of using your instincts to make subconscious adjustments in release as you throw the ball; see also area bowling. More common in today's bowling environment where power is often better th MORE

Flare (Arm or Elbow)

Entertainment / Bowling / Flare (Arm or Elbow): The action of your arm or elbow when it goes away from your body in the armswing or during the release; generally not desirable. MORE

Flying Elbow

Entertainment / Bowling / Flying Elbow: Same as chicken wing. MORE

Float Bowl

Technology / Motorcycle / Float Bowl: The fuel reservoir on a carburettor into which fuel flow is controlled by a valve operated by a float. MORE