Science / Weather / Broken: The amount of sky cover for a cloud layer between 5/8ths and 7/8ths, based on the summation layer amount for that layer.

Other Words for Broken

Broken Adjective Synonyms: fragmented, shattered, shivered, splintered, ruptured, cracked, split, smashed, pulverized, disintegrated, destroyed, demolished

Broken Color

Life Style / Painting / Broken Color: A color that is broken by another color. MORE

Broken Bone

Health / First Aid / Broken Bone: Some lay terminology needs definition and broken bone is such a term. MORE

Broken Link

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Broken Link: A hyperlink which is not functioning. A link which does not lead to the desired location. Links may broken for a number of reason, but four of the most common reasons are a website going offline, link MORE

Broken Colors

Life Style / Painting / Broken Colors: The unequal mixing of two complementary colors. MORE

Broken Up

Business / Finance / Broken Up: Used for listed equity securities. Prevented from executing a trade (committed to upstairs) due to exchange priority rules excluding one's order (e.g., higher bid/lower offer on floor, market order to MORE

Broken Rhyme

Life Style / Poetry / Broken Rhyme: Rhyming with an initial or medial syllable of a word that is split between two lines with a hyphen. MORE