Science / Weather / Cape: Acronym for Convective Available Potential Energy. The amount of energy available to create convection, with higher values increasing the possibility for severe weather.

Other Words for Cape

Cape Noun Synonyms: headland, promontory, peninsula, neck, point, ness


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Netscape: Originally a company that created a popular web browser by the same name, Netscape is now a social news site similar to MORE

Escape Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Escape Literature: Not to be confused with escapist literature, escape literature (also called literature of escape) includes books and short stories about desperate protagonists escaping from confinement--especially fr MORE

Cape Verde Islands

Science / Weather / Cape Verde Islands: A group of volcanic islands in the eastern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. A Cape Verde hurricane originates near here. MORE

Cape Riesling

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Cape Riesling: Not related to the Riesling grape c├ępage in any way. Is actually the Crouchen varietal now sparsely grown in the Pyrenees region of France and is thought to have been translocated to South Africa in MORE

North Cape Current

Science / Tides and Currents / North Cape Current: An Arctic Ocean current setting eastward off the north coast of Scandinavia in the Barents Sea. MORE


Science / Spiders / Scape: A finger-, tongue-, or lip-like projection from the midline of the female epigyne. MORE