Celsius Temperature Scale

Science / Weather / Celsius Temperature Scale: A temperature scale where water at sea level has a freezing point of 0°C (Celsius) and a boiling point of +100°C. More commonly used in areas that observe the metric system of measurement. Created by Anders Celsius in 1742. In 1948, the Ninth General Conference on Weights and Measures replaced 'degree centigrade' with 'degree Celsius.'

Other Words for Scale

Scale Adverb Synonyms: flake, imbrication, scurf, dandruff, squama, plate, scute or scutum, lamina, lamella
Scale Noun Synonyms: coating, encrustation or incrustation, crust, overlay, layer, cake, caking, tartar, plaque

Pentatonic Scale

Entertainment / Music / Pentatonic Scale: Five-note pattern used in some African, Far Eastern and Native American musics: can also be found in Western music as an example of exoticism. MORE

Offering Scale

Business / Finance / Offering Scale: The range of prices offered by the underwriter of a serial bond issue with different maturities. MORE

Ph Scale

Entertainment / Photography / Ph Scale: Numerical system running from 0-14 and used to express the alkalinity or acidity of a chemical solution. 7 is neutral. Solutions with a lower ph value are increasingly acidic, and those with a higher MORE