Circulation Cells

Science / Weather / Circulation Cells: Large areas of air movement created by the rotation of the earth and the transfer of heat from the equator toward the poles. Circulation is confined to a specific region, such as the tropics, temperate, or polar, that influences the type of weather prevailing there.

Other Words for Circulation

Circulation Noun Synonyms: circuit, course, orbit, flow, flowing, motion

Plasma Cells

Science / Biology / Plasma Cells: Cells produced from B cells that synthesize and release antibodies. MORE

Schwann Cells

Science / Biology / Schwann Cells: Specialized glial cells that form the myelin sheath that coats many axons. Cells surrounding the axons of some neurons, thus forming the myelin sheath. MORE

Net Monthly Circulation

Business / Internet Marketing / Net Monthly Circulation: The number of unique Web users in the panel that visited the site over the course of the reporting period, expressed as a percentage of the in-tab. MORE

Mast Cells

Science / Biology / Mast Cells: Cells that synthesize and release histamine, as during an allergic response; found most often in connective tissue surrounding blood vessels. MORE

Langerhans Cells

Science / Biology / Langerhans Cells: Epidermal cells that participate in the infiammatory response by engulfing microorganisms and releasing chemicals that mobilize immune system cells. MORE

Lymphatic Circulation

Science / Biology / Lymphatic Circulation: A secondary circulatory system that collects fiuids from between the cells and returns it to the main circulatory system; the circulation of the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. MORE