Civil Twilight

Science / Weather / Civil Twilight: The time between the moment of sunset, when the sun's apparent upper edge is just at the horizon, until the center of the sun is 6° directly below the horizon.

Other Words for Civil

Civil Adjective Synonyms: civilian, non-military, lay, laic, laical, secular

Other Words for Twilight

Twilight Adjective Synonyms: dusk, sunset, gloaming, sundown, half-light, crepuscule or crepuscle

Nautical Twilight

Science / Weather / Nautical Twilight: The time after civil twilight, when the brighter stars used for celestial navigation have appeared and the horizon may still be seen. It ends when the center of the sun is 12 degrees below the horizon MORE


Science / Weather / Twilight: Often called dusk, it is the evening period of waning light from the time of sunset to dark. The time of increasing light in the morning is called dawn. Twilight ends in the evening or begins in the m MORE

Roman Civil Law

Business / Real Estate / Roman Civil Law: Roman private property ownership codes enforced by Spain on early California land owners. MORE

Unruh Civil Rights Act

Business / Real Estate / Unruh Civil Rights Act: Forbids discrimination as to sex, race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin in accommodations and business establishments. Under this law there can be no arbitrary eviction, rent increase or MORE

Civilian Health And Medical Program Of The Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS)

Health / Health Insurance / Civilian Health And Medical Program Of The Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS): A program of medical benefits available to inactive military personnel and military spouses, dependents, and beneficiaries through the Military Health Services System of the Department of Defense. See MORE

Soldiers And Sailors Civil Relief Act

Business / Real Estate / Soldiers And Sailors Civil Relief Act: A law prohibiting foreclosures while a person is serving in the military and within three months thereafter except by court order. MORE